Die Zukunft im Bäckerei-Controlling

Data Scientist

in Muenster, Germany

Lead or Senior Data Scientist

in Muenster, Germany

Data Science
Working Student or Intern

full-time (minimum 3 month)
in Muenster, Germany

Software Developer
Working Student or Intern

full-time (minimum 3 month)
in Muenster, Germany

Data Engineering
Intern or Working Student

full-time (minimum 3 month)
Muenster, Germany

Full-Stack Developer
Backend / Frontend

in Muenster, Germany

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Here at FoodTracks, we firmly believe that our smart-data-software can revolutionize controlling in bakeries and make them more profitable and their customers happier. This is what we strive for – every day.

Our mission is to lead bakery controlling to new heights by using our smart-data technologies. Ever since our founding, we are focusing exclusively on bakeries, because we admire the people living this tradition and providing millions of people with baked goods every day.

The bakeries that work with us value our knowledge of current data analyses and are satisfied if our technologies can provide excess value. Join our Team and support us in revolutionizing controlling in bakeries. High fives are guaranteed!

The basics of our Actions

Our Values

Always appreciate customers, listen to them closely and provide them with measurable value.

Have the courage to fail and learn from those mistakes ton then achieve great things.
Always be creative, think in new ways, with lots of attention to detail.
Communicate openly to strengthen a positive relationship with customers and team members.
Take responsibility and aim for a charitable contribution.
Keep the growing business agile and light in its processes and structures.
Contribute to the completion of our mission with passion and continuous learning.
Work on finding solutions collectively while respecting everybody’s individuality.
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